wheelchair maxi cab singapore


At Singapore Maxicab we have a transport solution for everyone. With the rise in the elderly population in Singapore, there has been an increase in the number of people requiring the use of a wheelchair. With the government giving importance to making wheelchairs more Accessible, we at Singapore Maxicab also want to contribute to this effort.

We offer the Wheelchair Maxi Cab Singapore Service easing wheelchair-bound passenger's commuting needs. The Wheelchair Transport Singapore Service is most popular amongst clientele who require to visit the hospitals regularly for medical check-ups and treatment. The biggest advantage of this service is that the wheelchair passenger can sit in his/her wheelchair throughout the journey to his/her required destination. So how do we do this? The entry into the maxi cab or the minibus is Accessible through a ramp. The wheelchair passenger is mounted into the vehicle in a very safe manner by a competent driver. Safety straps and hooks are attached from the vehicle onto the wheelchair securing it safely to minimize the movement of the wheelchair throughout the journey. There are also safety handles for the passengers to hold onto if they feel uncomfortable.

The Wheelchair Transport Singapore Service is offered in two variants. The first being the Wheelchair Maxi Cab Singapore Service type where the maxi cab can fit a maximum of one wheelchair-bound and 4 others passengers traveling together. The second service type is the Wheelchair Minibus Singapore Service. 1 wheelchair bound and 9 other passengers or 2 wheelchair passengers and 7 other passengers can travel along.

An advantage of the Wheelchair Taxi Singapore Service is that our wheelchair friendly cabs can be used for leisure purposes, unlike other handicap transport providers. For example, If you are going on a vacation, we provide airport transfers for the wheelchair-bound. If you are visiting Singapore and require a wheelchair accessible vehicle for transfers and sightseeing we offer that as well.

We provide various types of services such as one-way transfer, roundtrips and hourly booking for the Wheelchair Transport Singapore Services. We also understand that medical expenses and commuting can be high for a wheelchair-bound due to special requirements and that is why we at Singapore Maxicab are committed to providing a Cheap and reasonable fare to our clientele.

Our Disabled Transportation prices start from a very cheap and affordable price of $50. If you require more frequent traveling and special arrangements feel free to contact us at our 24 Hours Wheelchair Maxi Cab Singapore Service hotline for a friendly chat. You can also make a Wheelchair Transport Singapore Service booking via our online maxi cab and minibus booking portal.

Be it that very important event that you need to attend, a vacation out of Singapore, or visit the hospital. Book our Wheelchair Minibus Singapore or Wheelchair Maxi Cab Singapore Services with confidence that our competent drivers with years of experience will assure your trip is a safe and comfortable one. Lastly, kindly indicate the type of wheelchair that requires our Wheelchair Taxi Singapore Service when you do a booking with us. Based on a standard, motorized, or even scooter type of wheelchairs, we will assign the maxi cab or minibus that will be best accessible to you.


  • Wheelchair Transfer (1 Wc Pax + 3 Pax) – $65


  • Wheelchair Transfer (1 Wc Pax + 9 Pax) – $75