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Cycling as a hobby in Singapore is gaining a lot of popularity. Many have taken up cycling competitively as well as for leisure. Indeed a great sport to keep fit. Many people cycle island-wide to enjoy the view of Singapore and explore nature. This is a common scene on weekends and holidays. However, moving these bicycles is a hassle as they are very bulky. We introduce the Bicycle Transport Singapore Service to you for hassle-free transportation. Move your bicycles using a van may be a complicated idea. Given the fact that vans cannot commute passengers. Choosing to commute your bicycles and yourself together at one go comfortably is a better option. A spacious and comfort filled ride with our Bicycle transfer service.

What’s more is that, given the space in our maxi cab and minibus, you can choose to carry up to 4 passengers and 4 adult bicycles at one time. Our maxi cab Bicycle Transport Singapore Service can fit 2 passengers and 2 adult bicycles. As for our minibus, 4 passengers and 4 adult bicycles can fit with ease. How about going on a cycling trip with your friends residing at different locations? We offer multiple locations pick-up services as well making your Bicycle Transport Singapore Service a more economical one.

Bulky Items Transfer is always a transportation concern. Uneven sizes, too long in length and many at times very heavy. Not very confident in the way transporters handle those important items of yours during delivery and realizing that the items you bought are damaged upon delivery? Paying transporters a hefty fee for your delivery? Avoid these common issues with transporting your bulky items. Say hello to our Bulky Items Transportation Service.

Our Bulk Item Transfer Singapore Service allows you to do your shopping at popular furniture outlets in Singapore such as IKEA with ease. Buy your desired item and make a maxi cab or minibus booking with us. We will be there in 15 minutes to pick you up together with your items. All at the cheapest prices starting from $50. So what is the size of items that can fit into our maxi cab or minibus? A queen-size mattress can actually fit into our minibus! As for our maxi cab an item with a dimension of 1.5 x 1 mater can easily fit. Our bulky items transport Service Singapore is popularly used to transport common items such as shoe racks, coffee tables, mattresses, bed frames, large boxes and many more.

Give us a call via our maxi cab hotline available to you 24 hours a day for your inquiries and bookings. We guarantee a maxi cab to you in 15 minutes island-wide. For advance booking you may also choose to do a maxi cab online booking. You can also chat with our friendly agents via the WhatsApp pop-up on our website to address your issues. Book a maxi cab with the most reliable transporter in Singapore. Make a booking with Singapore Maxicab.


  • Bicycle Transfer (2 Adult Bicycles + 2 Pax) – $55

  • Bulky Items Transfer – $55


  • Bicycle Transfer (4 Adult Bicycles + 4 Pax) – $65

  • Bulky Items Transfer – $65